Restore Your Inner Harmony

Discover an unequaled level of inner harmony, relaxation, and clarity with Hilzinger Harmonics. My unique spiritual and energetic sessions bring together the power of sound, Akashic Records readings, and work in the quantum field of potential to create a profound connection to your authentic self.

Harmonic Experiences are designed to help you find balance in your life and align with your highest vibration. I offer a safe environment that can help you process and let go of stuck emotions and limiting beliefs holding you back, while allowing you to experience profound transformation.

Sessions are designed to help you connect with your expanded wisdom so that you can manifest the life of your dreams. I use tuning forks, voice toning, akashic records readings, and shamanic methods to bring about profound relaxation and clarity. This in turn allows you to access and integrate all the potentials for your life.

You may additionally

  • Experience deep insights
  • Heal relationships
  • Reduce physical symptoms
  • Remove ancestral patterning
  • Embody a lighter & more colorful perspective
  • Clear & heal dense trauma
  • Access & experience your full potential
  • Open communication with your higher self
  • Strengthen boundaries
  • Increase resilience.

All Experiences

  • Free Exploration Session

    This free Exploration Session enables you to begin exploring yourself at soul level, and to ask any questions you might have about the healing process. (20 mins). Read more

  • Biofield Tuning

    Everything is electric, including us! Explore your electric body and biofield (aura) with the use of tuning forks. We can modulate and balance the chaotic vibrations found and bring about a state of coherence and harmony. Smoothing out the interference and bringing you to a state of balance that is uniquely yours, transporting you to deep relaxation and insight. Read more

  • Quantum Fieldwork

    You will be led on a journey to connect with your higher self in the Quantum Field where you will receive answers to questions and remove any obstacles that interfere with your expansion. Quantum Fieldwork enables you to embody your Divine self by releasing dense energy stuck in your body and aura. Read more

  • Soul Realignment®

    This Experience will give you an understanding of who you are at Soul level as you learn how to connect with your divine self and express that connection in your present life. Read more

  • Property Clearing

    This Experience identifies any negative energetic influences in your home, rental property, business or workplace. If you are financially responsible for the property, energy can be reconfigured to provide improved circumstances for you, your family and/or your business. Read more

  • FollowUp Session

    This free 30 minute follow up session is your opportunity to ask any questions for clarity and integration purposes.


“I would highly suggest to open up to working with Shirley because of her enthusiasm, beauty and the knowledge that she carries and the depth that she is able to explain. It is a really profound experience.”


Pavla H.

Illinois, USA

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