When I work in the Akashic Records I access the personal record of all of your soul‘s experiences, feelings and intentions throughout all of history and at all dimensional aspects of your being.

This provides information about who you are at soul level, where your soul originated when first created, and information about any blocks and restrictions that may be in place preventing you from knowing your true self and bringing more of that into your life.

The Universal Law of Sovereignty is the basis for my practice. This law states that each person has the full right and power of governance over themselves, without any interference from outside sources or bodies.

In other words, we are each responsible for our own Self and all that happens in our lives. To this end, I do not use, invoke, imbed, or encode my unique soul signature into my work or offerings. My job is to support you in discovering who you are at Soul level, help you bring in higher vibrational aspects of Self and clear lower vibrational aspects.

My only intention is “for your highest light and resonance”. The intentions that YOU set for each experience will connect you to your higher self and guide team. Thus, you remain a sovereign being throughout every experience.

I take anywhere between 2-3 hours in preparation to gather all the information and put it into an understandable and usable format for you.

We then have our session via telephone or Skype. Skype works great if you have internet access and are comfortable using it.

I take the time to relay and explain all that came up to be cleared and worked on. We will access the records during this session to begin the clearing process.

After the experience you will receive a document providing the information I have received for you.

There will also be homework for you to complete. This may include watching a short video and/or reading the clearing statements that are provided. Usually, these are done for 21 days in a row. This helps to engage the subconscious mind as well as the conscious mind in the healing process.

All Experiences

  • Quantum Access

    Quantum Access® is the Universal Tool of Alchemy for evolutionary ascension. Using sacred geometry and the Quantum Vortex, time barriers and dense energy stuck in our bodies and auras are unlocked (60 mins). Highly recommended

  • Free Exploration Session

    This free Exploration Session enables you to begin exploring yourself at soul level, and to ask any questions you might have about the healing process. (20 mins). Read more

  • Basic Soul Realignment

    This Experience will give you an understanding of who you are at Soul level as you learn how to connect with your divine self and express that connection in your present life (90 mins). Read more

  • Advanced Soul Realignment

    This package combines five Experiences to give you advanced access to your divine self (270 mins). Read more

  • Property Soul Realignment

    This Experience identifies any negative energetic influences in your home, rental property, or business (45 mins). Read more

  • Relationship Reading

    This Experience offers insight into how your relationships are affecting your life (60 mins). Read more

  • Spirit Guide Profile

    Learn the divine gifts and characteristics of your personal team of Spirit Guides and how to interact with them to your soul’s betterment​ (90 mins). Read more

Which Experience
is right for you?

Basic Soul Realignment


Quantum Access


Advanced Soul Realignment


“I would highly suggest to open up to working with Shirley because of her enthusiasm, beauty and the knowledge that she carries and the depth that she is able to explain. It is a really profound experience.”


Diana P.


Illinois, USA

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