Quantum Access®

Quantum Access® is the Universal Tool of Alchemy for evolutionary ascension — the embodiment of your Divine self — developed by Meg Benedicte. Alchemy is the ancient path of spiritual purification, expansion, and transformation. Using sacred geometry and the Quantum Vortex, time barriers and dense energy stuck in our bodies and auras are unlocked.

Quantum Access® enables you to simply transform your life!

This is a standalone Experience which does not have any prerequisites.

  • Bring into balance and harmony all aspects of Self
  • Quickly shift consciousness
  • Unlock karma
  • Remove energetic patterns
  • Clear and heal dense trauma
  • Release ancestral patterning
  • Transform core wounding
  • Reach higher vibrational frequencies
  • Open communication to your higher self
  • Embody a deeper level of your Soul presence
  • Strengthen boundaries
  • Claim sovereign space

$150 / 60 mins

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Basic Soul Realignment


Quantum Access


Advanced Soul Realignment


“I would highly suggest to open up to working with Shirley because of her enthusiasm, beauty and the knowledge that she carries and the depth that she is able to explain. It is a really profound experience.”


Diana P.


Illinois, USA

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