Modern physics tells us that the universe is vibration, and that includes us. We are all vibratory beings at our cellular level. As we create our lives, a record of events is stored not only in our bodies but in the resultant energy field that surrounds our bodies.

Through the processes of Quantum Access® and Soul RealignmentTM we can access these records and bring in higher vibrational aspects of self and release or clear any lower vibrational aspects of self that are no longer serving us. And this brings us into beautiful harmony with our beings.

Welcome to Hilzinger Harmonics

Quantum Access® is the Universal Tool of Alchemy for evolutionary ascension — the embodiment of your Divine self — developed by Meg Benedicte.

Alchemy is the ancient path of spiritual purification, expansion, and transformation. By using the sacred geometry of Metatron’s Cube and the Quantum Vortex, we unlock time barriers and dense energy stuck in our bodies and auras (the energy fields surrounding our bodies). As the body and aura are flushed with Light, the Vortex spins out the density and sludge back to Source for transmutation into Light. In the calm and space that follows, we then access the field of all possibilities in order to:

  • Bring into balance and harmony all aspects of Self
  • Quickly shift consciousness
  • Unlock karma
  • Remove energetic patterns
  • Clear and heal dense trauma
  • Release ancestral patterning
  • Transform core wounding
  • Reach higher vibrational frequencies
  • Open communication to the higher self
  • Embody a deeper level of Soul presence
  • Strengthen boundaries
  • Claim sovereign space


Different tools such as tuning forks, drums and bowls are used to access these records and clear and release unneeded lower vibrational aspects of self. Through intuitive listening we can use these tools to clear space and tune in to our higher selves.

Sound Tools Used Harmonic Healing

The Universal Law of Sovereignty is the basis for my practice. This law states that each person has the full right and power of governance over themselves, without any interference from outside sources or bodies.

In other words, we are each responsible for our own Self and all that happens in our lives. To this end, I do not use, invoke, embed, or encode my unique soul signature into my work or offerings. My job is to support you in discovering who you are at Soul level, help you bring in higher vibrational aspects of Self and clear lower vibrational aspects.

My only intention is “for your highest light and resonance”. The intentions that YOU set for each experience will connect you to your higher self and guide team. Thus, you remain a sovereign being throughout every experience.

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“Shirley’s delivery has such a balanced blend of professionalism and compassion that I felt safe enough to stay open and trust the reading and her intuition.”
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Diana P.


Wisconsin, USA

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