These definitions will help you get a better sense of my approach to harmonic healing.

In my understanding, the Akashic records are a compilation of all of our soul’s events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. They are held in a non-physical plane of existence known as the etheric plane.

Also referred to as The Book of Life, the Records are really much more like a huge database of information. They are interactive in that, with assistance, we can clear certain parts of the records and bring forth new talents and pathways for ourselves.

Ascension is the process of bringing more of your Soul’s light, frequency, and presence into your human life, bringing your Divine Self and human self into harmony.

We are all part of a network that binds us together. This idea of shared beliefs, stories, even feelings is not new to science or social philosophy. What is new, is that we can influence this collective vibration with our own vibration. When we increase our personal vibration by clearing and bringing in more light, we increase the Collective’s vibration as well. The reverse is true as well.

The world we live in and participate in has multiple examples of duality: good/bad, masculine/feminine, us/them to name a few. When we can bring these forces into balance and harmony, we create a place of peace, calm, and harmony.

In many indigenous populations, the four directions-east, south, west, and north-and sometimes six, including below and above are a way to connect with Nature and the elements that support life in all its facets. I connect with and honor this heritage in the work I do.

As humans, we have been granted Free Will. The ability to choose between different courses of action without restriction. Even if we have perceived restrictions from family, society, even government we still have the choice whether to abide by these restrictions. Of course, in some instances there may be severe consequences to non-compliance but we still have that choice.

Choice comes at the level of action. We can think about doing something or decide to do something, but when we take action (could be inaction, as well) in a direction that is the moment of choice.

Our choices can propel us in a positive, or possibly a negative, direction depending upon our Soul’s Blueprint; i.e., the way in which we express our Divinity.

In musical terms, harmony is a combination of notes and chords that are combined to produce a pleasing sound. So, in our lives, harmony means integrating all aspects of ourselves into a pleasing and coherent life and being.

Karma is often misunderstood as a system of reward and punishment. However, what karma really is a system of consequences. When we make a choice that aligns with our highest self and expressing our divinity, we will experience more positive outcomes. If we choose to engage in activity that moves us away from our divine self-expression the consequences will be negative. There is no judgement in this system, only consequences.

Metatron’s Cube is the name that is given to a complex two-dimensional figure that contains all five Platonic solids, the star tetrahedron, and thirteen circles.

Named after the archangel Metatron, it has become the symbol for unity, interconnectedness, and creation.

In Quantum Access®, we use Metatron’s Cube as our “vehicle” for leaping into new dimensions in order to release what no longer serves us and to bring in what we want to create in our lives today.

Sacred geometry refers to the basic shapes, patterns, harmonics, ratios, and proportions that make the building blocks of all creation anywhere in the universe from crystals, plants, animals, humans-right down to the cellular level. All of creation originates and is organized from this universal framework.

The Platonic solids are the five shapes that are inherent in all matter in the universe. These five shapes are associated with the five elements of earth, air, water, fire, and ether (or aether).

When healing on an energetic level, such as with Quantum Access®, we use these concepts to help access the inner building blocks of matter in order to create the changes we are seeking.

The Soul is the essence of a living being and continues on after our body in this lifetime dies. In Soul Realignment, we can gather clues to who we are at Soul Level and any blocks and restrictions that prevent us from embodying more fully our Soul.

All things in our universe are in constant motion or vibration. When we learn or uncover, the ability to tune into these vibrations, we can get clues as to where there may be incoherence or resonance (synchronized vibration) in our bodies and in our energy fields. This is the way that energy healers can assist you, no matter what modality they use.

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Soul Realignment®

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“Last September I met Shirley Hilzinger and turned my life around. I was dealing with a lot of physical pain. Shirley helped me understand the origins of that pain and she connected me with the angels. That connection has served me well as through this work along with medical treatment, I am now pain free…the first time in nine years!”

Bernadette O.

Illinois, USA

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