I have many clients across the country, some of whom have been kind enough to share their thoughts about their Healing Experience. In addition to written testimonials, you will also find two videos below.

“The soul realignment work I did with Shirley provided me with the exact information that I was ready to receive as I am aligning with my divine self expression. This is mature and profound information.

Shirley’s delivery has such a balanced blend of professionalism and compassion that I felt safe enough to stay open and trust the reading and her intuition.

I had a lot of ‘aha!’ moments, but there was one that really had an impact on me. Learning that there was a thought form that stuck and it has affected my whole life since the first grade. And now it’s cleared.”

Recommendation Diana
Diana P.

Diana P.

Wisconsin, USA

“I would highly suggest to open up to working with Shirley because of her enthusiasm, beauty and the knowledge that she carries and the depth that she is able to explain. It is a really profound experience.”


Pavla H.

Illinois, USA

“I have gained so much knowledge and inner calm from my work with Shirley. Shirley helped me when I was at one of the darkest times in my life.  She helped with her work in many different areas of healing.

We worked in her office with hands on treatment which was very effective at helping me get to the source of the issues I was struggling with.  We also did long distance healing sessions over the phone which were also very effective. The extent of work she did with me to really did and find the core of my problems was impressive.

With all of her different techniques and knowledge, she was able to guide me in different ways to handle the challenges that arise.  I highly recommend Shirley as a healer. I especially learned a lot from the Soul Realignment.”


Janet R.

Illinois, USA

“As a Soul Realignment Practitioner, it is of great importance to do my own work in order to maintain personal alignment. Shirley is a Practitioner that keeps me on my Path of Light. Her intuitive skills and her keen ability to interpret the information brings deep self-awareness and opens the door to the next level in my journey. She presents with clarity and truth in an atmosphere of unconditional love and encouragement. Gifts I highly value and appreciate.”

Katie R

Katie R.

Texas, USA

“Last September I met Shirley Hilzinger and turned my life around. I was dealing with a lot of physical pain. Shirley helped me understand the origins of that pain and she connected me with the angels. That connection has served me well as through this work along with medical treatment, I am now pain free…the first time in nine years!”


Bernadette O.

Illinois, USA

“I Received my first ever Soul Realignment reading with Shirley. As a fellow Energy Healer, having my Akashic records read to me was new.

I felt very stagnant with my direction in life and I also had chronic upper back pain from a fall I had that wouldn’t go away. Shirley conducted the session over the phone. Very informative and nurturing.

I don’t have any back pain and feel confident completing my goals. I definitely recommend this service.”

Lauren S.

Lauren S.

New York, USA

“Shirley Hilzinger is an amazing energy healer; she is very knowledgeable, extremely kind and patient. I had no knowledge of energy healing, now I believe that energy healing is a great tool in healing your body along with maintaining a healthy life.

Shirley introduced me to charkas first; opening them and how to utilize them in everyday life. She also worked on healing some deep emotional issues, stress and everyday life occurrences, by working on the energy within my body.

I remember one time I was having an off week, Shirley asked me if she could work on me while I was asleep – she said she would be at her home and me at my home. I normally wake up around 7:45 am but at 7:10 am I felt a breeze across my forehead on the morning she was to work on my energy. About five minutes later I received a text message from her telling me she had just completed her session and to call her when I woke up. The cool breeze was Shirley signing off on the energy work she just completed!

Anyone looking for an alternative way of healing, Shirley is the healer you need to contact. My life has improved so much. Thank you!”

Lynn G.

Lynn G.

Illinois, USA

“Shirley has helped me through 2 major crises in my life – the loss of my 18 year-old son in a car accident where I had a nervous breakdown, and
then two years later a diagnosis of stomach cancer.

With her energy work, spiritual counseling and medical background, she helped me with extreme anxiety and depression not to mention my stomach healed.

I am grateful to have her in my life.”


Michelle B.

Illinois, USA

“My experiences with Shirley and the Biofield Tuning Sessions have gone far beyond my wildest expectations. Through this profound practice many ancestral, as well as more current, “blocks” have been cleared…allowing much needed body, mind, & Spiritual healing. I have been so blessed and grateful that I referred my two adult children as well to Shirley! They each experienced amazing results, and will continue to work with Shirley.

I highly recommend Shirley and her deeply grounded, highly empathic and sensitive gifts.


LaRue B.


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